Welcome to the Bullet Flowers Site!

Bullet Flower Creations is proud to introduce Bullet Flowers. These original works of art are made with wire stems, in a shotgun shell vase, with fired bullets as the flowers, pedals, and leaves. As part of this introduction we are starting to sell Bullet Flowers on eBay using my existing user name cygnus127. Take a look at some of the styles we have designed.

If you are interested in owning your own Bullet Flower, you don't have to wait for an auction. You can email me at FirebirdV8@yahoo.com and tell me what you want yours to look like. I will either have one already made that fits your request or I can make one custom for you. Price will vary on the complexity of what you want and shipping is $6.00. I will ship these out by USPS Priority Mail.

Warning: Bullet Flowers contain lead, a chemical known to be bad for living things. Do not leave Bullet Flowers in reach of children and do not eat them. I am not responsible for any ill effects caused by not obeying this warning. Bullet Flowers are art and as such are meant to be looked at and not to be played with, eaten, or to be used in any other creative way you can come up with to hurt yourself or others with them. Consider yourself warned.

In shipping, a Bullet Flower may move individual parts around so as to change the look and make it unstable. Parts are designed to be moved around until proper balance and visual effect is reached.

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